SIR Consulting Ltd provides consultation, design and implementation services in electrical building techniques (electrical, ICT, security).

Real Estate Properties

Building, refining and renovation of properties is directed mainly to commercial and office buildings, industrial buildings and data centers and to telecom premises. In this sector we have had challenging projects in design projects as well as implementation projects.

Building Information Modelling

We have professional programs for working in building information modelling projects. We can use either Autocad or Revit based programs.

Data Centers and Power Chains

Concurrently maintainable and fault tolerant power systems is one of our special expert knowledge areas. We have a firm and long term knowledge of traditional power chains (diesel generators and static UPS’s) as well as rotary systems (Diesel Rotary UPS’s, dynamic UPS’s). We also provide LCC surveys for power chains.

Industrial Power Networks

We have around 15 years of experience in designing industrial power networks and process power networks.

Energy Techniques and Economy

Energy techniques and energy economy services to properties includes evaluation of the state of electrical building techniques and evaluation of environmental sustainability of electrical building techniques.

Implementation Services

Implementation services consists of construction management, supervising, commissioning and taking over services for electrical building techniques. We provide these services for business and office buildings, healthcare sectors, industrial buildings and data centers.

Operation Supervision Services

Electrical systems operation supervision services are provided for our customers to premises where we have been involved  also in design and building phases.

Authorized Fire Detection Consultancy Services

Authorized fire detection consultancy services is also an extra service available for our customers.


We serve our customers also on Atex related spaces, providing consulting and design, space categorization and explosion protection documentation.